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Real Estate Services

The Rau Law Firm is well known for its skilled, efficient real estate lawyers and real estate law services. We can offer you outstanding legal representation at reasonable rates; practical and reliable advice; continuous availability; and a commitment to doing all of your legal work on time and within budget.


Our attorneys have extensive real estate law experience and can assist you with all types of business property, and with problems related to owning residential property, including:


     -   Deed problems, including names and descriptions on deeds, 
     -   Forcing the sale of co-owned property so you can receive your share of the value,

​   - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance for commercial and residential landlords and commercial tenants,

     -  Access to property, disputes over views, or boundary line problems,

    -   CC&Rs (conditions and restrictions on property use, and related rights) of homeowners associations, developments, and private deeds,

    -  ​All types of business real estate matters, including commercial leases, buying or selling commercial property, business real estate disputes, and more.

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